Peter Jordan


Peter Jordan, Head of Insights, TOPOSOPHY

Consultant, researcher and strategist, Peter specialises in the interpretation of travel trends. With a background in industry education, as well as marketing and communications at various tourism industry associations, he has gained a panoramic view of global travel helping him focus on translating diverse insights into practical solutions.

His professional background includes working with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in Madrid, as well as the Pacific Asia Travel Association in Bangkok.

Peter is based in Amsterdam, and manages a range of projects for TOPOSOPHY, an international agency specialised in place making and place marketing. Working closely with major European cities, international tourism organisations and private sector brands the company has become a market leader in strategy, research and branding.

In recent years TOPOSOPHY has brought its expertise to various parts of Scotland, helping businesses to capitalise on what their destination has to offer, as well as offering strategic guidance to public organisations seeking to gain long-lasting economic and social impact.   

TOPOSOPHY projects include the Aberdeenshire Destination Masterplan, The Collaborative Economy and Scottish Tourism report, Phase One of the Edinburgh 2030 Tourism Strategy as well as the Tay Cities Regional Tourism Strategy.