Anne Kidd


Theatre credits include: A RESPECTABLE WIDOW TAKES TO VULGARITY (Oran Mor); SCOTTIES (Theatre Gu Leor); MOVING PICTURES (Oran Mor); THE CHOIR (Citizens Theatre); FLYING WITH SWANS (Oran Mor); UNCLE VARICK (Rapture Theatre); HORIZONTAL COLLABORATION (Fire Exit Theatre Company/Traverse Theatre); DARE TO CARE (Stellar Quines Theatre Company); CINDERELLA (Perth Theatre); MOUNTAIN MEN (BBC Scotland Live Comedy Showcase); ONLY THE LONELY (Oran Mor); THE AUTHORISED KATE BANE (Grid Iron); MANCHESTER LINES (Manchester Library); COLD TURKEY WITH NANA (Oran Mor); JACK AND THE BEANSTALK (Perth); THE KISS (Oran Mor); IMPOSSIBLE THINGS BEFORE BREAKFAST (Traverse Theatre); WALTZ OF THE COLD WIND (Tron); DOUGH (Oran Mor); MARY ROSE (Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh).

Film credits include: DESPITE THE FALLING SNOW (Enlightenment Productions); RED ROAD (Red Road Film Production); THE JACKET (Jacket Productions); DONOVAN QUICK (Making Waves); GREGORY'S TWO GIRLS (Channel Four Films);TAGGART (Scottish Television).

Television credits include: SHETLAND SERIES 5 (BBC SCOTLAND); VICTORIA (SERIES 2) (Mammoth/ITV); SHETLAND SERIES 4 (BBC Scotland); TRUST ME (Red Production Company); MILLIE INBETWEEN SERIES 3 (Foundation TV); ONE OF US (BBC Scotland); SHETLAND SERIES 3 (BBC Scotland); MOUNTAIN GOATS (BBC Scotland); SHETLAND SERIES 2 (BBC Scotland); RIVER CITY (BBC Television); HAPPY HOLIDAYS (Effingee Productions); HOW NOT TO LIVE YOUR LIFE (BBC Comedy); RECOVERY (Tiger Aspect/BBC Television); STILL GAME (The Comedy Unit); COMMANDER II (Le Plante Productions); MISSING (SMG TV Productions); MONARCH OF THE GLEN (Ecosse Films); TUTTI FRUTTI (BBC Television).