The Glass Menagerie

Wed 3 September - Sat 20 September

"Levick's impressionistic and mould-breaking re-imagining of Williams's poetic intentions is an exquisitely poignant construction that breathes fresh heartbreak into one of the saddest plays ever written."
★★★★ The Herald

"three magnificent central performances from Robbie Jack as Tom, Millie Turner as Laura, and the great Irene Macdougall as a robust, creative and passionately maternal Amanda...And they are supported by a splendid cameo from Thomas Cotran" 
★★★★ The Scotsman

"Levick is to be commended for having a serious dialogue with a classic"
★★★★ The Times

"a touching revival of Williams' southern domestic drama"
★★★★ The Guardian

"Seventy years after Williams wrote his semi-autobiographical play, the craftsmanship of his words still has the power to astonish."
★★★★ The List

"Depicted with incredible clarity through these characters, it is a haunting production that, in the pleasant disguise of illusion, gives us the truth of human nature"
The Courier

Amanda Wingfield, a faded Southern belle, holds on tight to her two children; Tom, an aspiring poet, and Laura, his painfully shy sister. She is desperate for her wayward son Tom to have a stable career and wants a suitor for her fragile disabled daughter Laura. Abandoned by her husband, Amanda clings to memories of her idyllic youth in the South, where she was wooed by scores of rich and handsome suitors.

Tom has the soul of a poet but a job in a warehouse leaves him longing for adventure and an escape from his mothers suffocating embrace, while Laura finds solace from the angry frustrations of her mother and brother in her collection of glass animals and romantic thoughts.

Tom finds himself under increasing pressure from his mother to find someone for Laura, and eventually arranges to bring home a man to meet his sister. When the gentleman caller finally arrives, Laura and Amanda become more hopeful than they have ever been - but will it end in Laura’s romantic illusions being shattered? What follows is one of the most compelling and heartbreaking stories ever told.

Widely regarded as one of Tennessee Williams most powerful and haunting memory plays, The Glass Menagerie is a deeply personal, touching and profound tale of love and loss, illusion and escape, fragility and innocent hope.

Production Trailer for The Glass Menagerie:

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