Rep Stripped Day 6

Wed 24 April

Wednesday 24th April

Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland
Workshop - Born to Write: Dundee
14:30-16:00 | FREE

Introduction to playwriting with Simon MacCallum
Get to know your way around a playwright’s toolkit with this informative and practical workshop on the nuts and bolts of writing a play, from structure and conflict to characterisation and dialogue. Get some answers to those pressing questions, “who needs stage directions anyway?” and, “how much exposition is too much exposition?”

Born to Write is part of Playwrights’ Studio’s public workshop programme offering free workshops to give participants a taste of playwriting in a safe, supportive and fun environment.



SCRATCH #3 - Dundee Writers & Panel Discussion

19:00 | Theatre | £9 (£5 Concession)

‘Where are all the playwrights in Dundee?’ - Panel discussion facilitated by Playwrights’ Studio Scotland

Join us for a lively discussion about the past, present and future of playwriting in Dundee. What makes a great Dundee play? Are there stories about Dundee that haven’t yet been seen on stage? Where are the urgent new voices coming from and what do they sound like?

Panel includes:  Robert Ballantine (Locked In, Dundee Playwrights’ Workshop), Jaimini Jethwa (Last Queen of Scotland), John McCann (Spoiling, DUPed),Gary Robertson (The Middle O'Nowhere - A Bothy Haunting, The Berries, The Scaffies), Sandy Thomson (Monstrous Bodies, D*med Rebel Bitches, Artistic Director of Poorboy)

An evening of extracts from writers who hail from or are based in and around Dundee:

A Pewter Sky Threatening Storms by Max Scratchmann
Directed by Emily Winter

An extract from a full-length work in progress about being a small child in an alien environment.

Ashloaning by Rob Currie
Directed by Jordan Blackwood

Craig fights the trap of nostalgia, interrogating the past with forensic poetry. An extract from a new play questioning memory, and what comes after coming-of-age.

Custody by Michael Popper
Directed by Jordan Blackwood

An extract from a new play looking at what may happen when we offer our children anything less than a fully-rounded education.

Toilet Lifey by Finlay Avison
Directed by Jordan Blackwood

Two men and a dropped phone. A short play about a chance encounter and a much needed “Lifey”.

Reflections by Emily Winter
Directed by Barrie Hunter

Who do you see in the mirror...? Or smiling from the selfie...? What happens when you lose the "I" in your eye?




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