Fri 14 May - Fri 21 May

May - Dates subject to change.

Come and join theatre collective Bandwidth in Dundee’s striking new living room that takes open-plan to a whole new level! A three-piece suite in the city centre is the scene for recollect – a new event that celebrates and commemorates Dundonian cancelled plans.  

Rearranged diary? Abandoned holiday? Memories that never came to be? A lot of us spent 2020 sitting in our living room thinking what could have been. But that doesn’t mean what didn’t happen should be forgotten. So, they need your help.  

They’d like to talk to you about your never-quite-happened plans of 2020 to create a brand-new show. Bandwidth use text, movement and design to build spectacular new theatre. recollect will transform the stories you share into a reimagining of the unreal, the unexpected and the fantastic. Missed memories will be created anew through this unique creative exchange which culminates in a final medley of quiet introspection and raucous festivity.  

Join us at the end of the festival to experience this upbeat and imaginative retelling of Dundee’s ditched adventures.  

Bandwidth is a theatre collective that places direction, design, and text equally in the process of making performance 


CO-AUTHORS: Kenneth MacLeod, Nicholas Barton-Wines and Laurie Motherwell 

PERFORMANCE: Rebekah Lumsden 


AGE RECOMMENDATION: All ages for chatting time. 12+ for performance. 

SHOW LENGTH: 30 mins approx. 


Twitter - @_bandw_dth  

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