Letters From America

Tue 9 April

In 2013 Lewis Fieldhouse went to California and met disaster. Dumped, depressed, lost in LA, his trip of a life time unravelled before his eyes. But instead of moping in a dirty hostel on Hollywood Boulevard, he struck out into California's vast landscape in search of adventure. Lewis presents the victories and defeats in a hilarious and intimate show.

 After nine months raising £25,000 from his fan base, Dave Giles set off for Nashville clutching a plane ticket and a dream. Blow the lot recording an album with a group of strangers. What happened next is genuine alchemy; a heart-warming tale of human endeavour breaking the boundaries of what should be possible for an unsigned artist in today’s industry. 

 Dundee Rep Kitchen are also smashing out a supper club, a one off menu inspired by Lewis and Dave’s adventures offering a Southern California and Tennessee feast.



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