Hi, my name is Ben.

Sun 30 September

Noisemaker, Goodspeed Musicals and Dundee Rep presents

SUN 30 SEP AT 2.30PM

Bookwriter/Lyricist Scott Gilmour
Composer Claire McKenzie
Director Andrew Panton
Musical Director Gavin Whitworth
Movement Director Emily-Jane Boyle

“Hi, my name is Ben. I can’t talk but I can hear”

The true story of one ordinary old man and his extraordinary life. From his tiny, single-room on East 74th Street in New York City, Bernhardt Wichmann III spoke to and changed the lives of those around him; reconnecting his neighbours to values of friendship, humanity and happiness. And he did all this without speaking. Ben was a mute. His life is a story of how one man endured tragedy, illness, success and defeat, before finally encountering a miracle.

Hi, My Name is Ben is a new musical by award-winning writing partnership Noisemaker (Scott Gilmour & Claire McKenzie) currently in development with Goodspeed Musicals, Connecticut and Dundee Rep.

In collaboration with Scottish Ensemble we are delighted to invite you to this concert performance early in the show’s development.





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