ALL MY SONS AD Blog Post 2 - Linzi Mitchell

... everything decides to happen at the same time... Everything that happened seems to be coming back”

  It is the middle of week five and we’ve moved; we’ve moved to the stage!  The lead up to this moment has been an incredible journey so far.

 The end of week three and throughout week four saw us running the production to hone the shape.  Over week 4 Jemima spent a lot of time working scene by scene adding shades before an initial stagger through each act.   This is a huge play. The universal themes and issues at its core are- at times- breathtaking.  To see her work on texturing and pacing the peaks and dips has been an education.  The creative work of this company is a joy to be part of.   There exists an enduring desire to tell this story, to command Miller’s work and to bring truth to what the Keller’s must endure.  This is very challenging considering the 3 act structure and unity of time and place Miller has used to chart 24 hrs in their lives. The only breaks in tension are entrances and exits of characters making it a real challenge to chart the conflict which, in itself, is plentiful!  Miller set theatre makers quite a challenge with what is essentially a Greek tragedy set in 1947 in an American back yard!  

 Once Jemima had worked on each scene adding texture we started to rehearse sections and really work the pace of the piece; it was at this stage it became abundantly clear there is absolutely nowhere to hide in All My Sons. All that has passed is exposed bit by bit, moment by moment, nuance by nuance until the characters are at breaking point. This was reinforced by EmmaClaire Brightlyn who joined us in the room to work on moments of physical conflict.  Again, a great example of creative collaboration at work in Dundee Rep. Theatre.

 Two final runs and we were ready for tech.  The anticipation of seeing Alex Lowde’s set design realised has equated all expectations and some!  It is highly impressive; stylish to the hilt and starkly dramatic.  The entire company has been working hard to bring the production to the tech stage of the rehearsal process where all elements of production will come together… I’ll blog again before we’re up!