Passing Places Blog Post 2 - Jordan Blackwood

Passing Places
Blog Post 2 – 11.4.18
Jordan Blackwood, Assistant Director

Lines. Looks. Beats. Cues. Car turns. Recap. Run. Notes. Tidy. Run. And… breathe.

We’re out of the rehearsal room and heading on stage this week. It’s the time where those ‘and then this will happen’ moments are tried, tested and applied; where the rehearsal room team works more closely with the wider production team; and where all design elements meet each other before the curtain is up (if the Rep had a curtain!).

The past week has been one of consolidation and finesse – drilling lines, tweaking transitions and tightening scenes, as well as finding the rhythm of the play when run together. The nature of the show has meant that running it in full numerous times has been the way to get to know it the best. It’s been really interesting to see it develop over time, and to see the characters find new depth in response to each new note from Andrew or idea from the room. I have so much respect for our amazing cast who are embracing the humour in Passing Places and tackling every transition, car turn and all, with ease.

In the past four weeks, the cast of seven has become a strong company – nicely in tune with the Rep’s ensemble ethos – and this team-vibe truly resonates with what we’re seeing on stage. I’ve recognised the importance of encouraging this team spirit in every rehearsal room, and have appreciated the moments where we all check in and discuss, as an ensemble, what’s necessary to look at or recap – supporting each other towards and ensuring a common grounding.

As all things technical start to firm up and we see the realised play, I’m most excited for the audience to see/hear: Becky Minto’s set fused with Kate Bonney’s lighting; our live band and John Kielty’s music; our reinvented Lada Riva; and, of course, our amazing ensemble.

This time next week we’ll be two previews down – see you in the bar.