Next Up Festival - Sat 19 & Sun 20 May

Next Up Festival
Sat 19 & Sun 20 May at 7.30pm

Next Up is a celebration of young theatre-makers in Scotland. During the project, a variety of school groups and youth theatres have devised and created original pieces of theatre that will be performed over the festival weekend.

Alongside the performances, there will also be an exciting festival programme including workshops from guest theatre practitioners and a variety of post-show discussions.


Performance Information

High School of Dundee


This is our year, The Year of Young People. We, as young people, are increasingly concerned with our Mental Health and Wellbeing so we wanted to create a drama which recognises that it is out there and is our secret enemy. Inspired by the work of Frantic Assembly and using Verbatim Theatre we explore a range of mental health issues which can affect young and old. 


Monifieth High School

What If…?

What if Human rights were not respected? What if the rich controlled everyone? What if you missed that 8 am train? What if you could only speak 1000 words a day? We take some of these questions, and others, and imagine the answer.


Little Red Theatre

A Thousand Tiny Paper Planes

Once there was a story.  

It began before it's beginning and finished before it's end. 

In the middle, a universe passed us by. We have forgotten why we were supposed to remember. 


Perth High School

Kierney Karnival

Welcome to “The Kierney Karnival”!  Our owners would like to extend an invitation for you to enjoy a trip that you will never forget. 

With various attractions from The Haunted House to The Mirror Maze, there is sure to be something to keep everyone entertained. 

*Please note: fears and insecurities exploited.  No compensation will be given if you cannot complete a level. Open from sundown* “


Wade Academy

Is it just me?

The walls have ears or so the saying goes but what stories could a chair tell? So many people pass through leaving an imprint of their lives, their problems - leaving behind something of themselves. This play looks at how we view ourselves from the labels given to us by others and what impact we have on those around us.  Stories of those who sit in the same chair in the same room day after day yet are unaware of how they are connected; a group of teenagers share their ideas on life, high school and teenage identities. 


FireFly Arts


The waterline is rising and the gods are angry.  Vengeance pelts from the swollen sky and the gathering torrent threatens to clear everything.  From the higher ground the people watch as broken and bloated fragments of their lives pass by.  Is it too late to salvage even a small scrap of what they once were?  A haunting and visceral new work by Firefly Arts.


Grove Academy

Judgement Day

Humanity has reached crisis point. Three Gods sit in judgement – is it time to scrap humanity and start again? With Mother Nature appearing as a witness for the prosecution and the Sandman for the defence – what will be the future of humankind?     

Grove Academy Youth Theatre present Judgement Day.

Devised by Miss Fox and the company.


Performance Schedule

Saturday 19th May

7.30pm start time

Performance 1: Dundee High School
Performance 2: Perth High School

15-minute Interval

Performance 3: Firefly Arts
Performance 4: Waid Academy

Between performance 1&2/ 3&4 there will be a quick changeover of the set. 
The audience is asked to stay in their seats for this.

Sunday 20th May

7.30pm start time

Performance 1: Little Red Theatre
Performance 2: Grove Academy
Performance 3: Monifieth High School

Between each performance, there will be a quick changeover of the set. 
The audience is asked to stay in their seats for this. 



Friends and family can book tickets online and through the box office.

All company’s performing at the festival attends for free. On the evening you are performing you will be given seats in the auditorium to watch the other company’s pieces. You can also book free tickets to come on a second evening to see the full festival line-up.