Ignite Dundee Launch

Dundee Rep is proud to be part of Ignite Dundee, a festival that aims to fire your imagination and spark your creativity.

Ignite Dundee launches Fri 16 May and runs until Sat 31 May. The purpose of the festival is to celebrate the vast wealth of creative talent the city has to offer and this talent will be showcased in degree show openings, exhibitions, events, lectures and launches. Ignite Dundee is a festival that will inspire and excite anyone with a passion for art, creativity and design.

Dundee Rep’s offering to Ignite Dundee sees us join forces with Birmingham Rep Theatre to perform Alan Ayckbourn’s devastatingly funny, poignant play Woman in Mind from Wed 21 May until Sat 7 June.

One afternoon Susan finds herself lying on the lawn of her suburban garden, concussed by a garden rake, and the family doctor tending to her; soon her adoring, handsome husband and the rest of the family arrive home to spoil her.

But when her real husband – a vicar whose main love is writing the 60-page history of the parish – arrives home, we realise that Susan has created an entire fantasy family as an antidote to the real one.

Soon, as Susan becomes increasingly bewildered, the two worlds start to overlap – and finally collide, leading to situations of hilarious but agonizing awkwardness.

For full details and listings of the exciting events our collaborative partners have planned please visit www.ignitednd.co.uk