The Rep's 60+ Company Performs The Beautiful People

Dundee Rep's 60+ company have put on a fantastic performance of The Beautiful People.

Created and performed as part of theLuminate Festival funded by The Rank Foundation. The Beautiful People launches three years of secured funding to work with older people at the risk of isolation. The Beautiful People is Dundee Rep Creative Learning’s latest production directed by Suzi Morrice, Suzi brings a cast of sixteen together, creating this new piece of theatre. 

Dundee Rep Creative Learning worked with a group of local participants aged between 53 and 83 on this devised production. The Beautiful People is a production that takes inspiration from Studio 54, a New York club when at its peek in the 1970s only beautiful People got past the velvet ropes. The company have explored what beauty means to them by defining beauty through power, strength, resilience, hope and above all, love.

Dundee Rep Creative Learning aim to target the most isolated older people in our local community with the three years secured Rank Funding. Taking the project forward, the participants of The Beautiful People will take the lead and facilitate the next stage of the creative project. They will work closely with the local community, encouraging participation and creativity with the most vulnerable.

Luminate, Scotland’s creative ageing festival, once again takes place throughout October across Scotland. Now in its fourth year, the festival features hundreds of creative events from the Scottish Borders to Shetland, reaching people of all ages and different communities nationwide. Luminate celebrates creativity, shares stories of ageing and explores what it means to all of us that our society is ageing.