A message from Andrew Panton, Joan Clevillé and Liam Sinclair


Dear audiences, colleagues and supporters, 


We write this from our homes, taking stock after the events of the last few weeks, when we had to take the difficult decision to close our theatre and stop all our public facing activities locally, nationally and internationally. We hope this message finds you well and in good spirits as we navigate through these uncertain times.

So here we are, in this extraordinary moment full of difficulties but also possibilities, asking ourselves “What is a theatre and dance company when our building is closed and we can’t be in the same physical spaces as our audiences and participants?” 

Our twin ensembles of actors and dancers are now spread out, back to their homes in Dundee and around the world. We are supporting each other to keep our practice alive. Over the last days, we have been dancing in our living rooms, laughing, crying and sharing in creative conversations, reaching out to other isolated artists, reading, filming, reflecting, organising, preparing… In the coming weeks, we will be knocking on your screens to step again into your lives, bringing the joy of movement, storytelling and creativity to those who want and need it. The best art work comes from befriending uncertainty, staying open to the unknown, listening and responding to the moment.



At this moment, we also want to express our solidarity with our colleagues across the sector. From the artists who make the work to the technicians who help realise it, we have the deepest respect for all those who continue to work tirelessly to sustain their practice and share it with others. We also wish to express our huge admiration for all those who are involved in the health and community resilience response just now. Your efforts are incredible and appreciated.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be running the Organisation with much a reduced number of staff, with 89% of our staff now forming part of the UK Government’s Job Retention Scheme. If you are making contact with us, please be patient as the team running the Organisation at this time will be very busy.

We have also been truly humbled by the generosity of our audiences and supporters, some of whom have donated the value of their tickets to support us through this challenging period or have come forward to offer further support. We acknowledge these are incredibly difficult times for everyone and are deeply moved by everyone’s generosity.

This support makes us feel confident and bold about the future. We are claiming the current situation as an opportunity, and we look forward to the stories that our bodies and voices will have to tell when we emerge from our nests, to the new ways of communicating with each other that we will have discovered… Most of all, we look forward to the sensation of our bare feet in a dance studio, our bodies in the rehearsal room and the pleasure of sitting with strangers in a dark auditorium to see the curtain rise and reveal the wonder of new performances.

We will be in touch very soon, to take the next step in this journey and look forward to sharing that with you. Until then, stay safe.


Andrew Panton

Artistic Director, Dundee Rep / Joint Chief Executive

Liam Sinclair

Executive Director / Joint Chief Executive

Joan Clevillé

Artistic Director, Scottish Dance Theatre


Image: LOOPING: Scotland Overdub by Simon M Scott at Citymoves Dance Agency's DanceLive 2019