Support Us

To ensure the health, sustainability and effectiveness of our organisation, Dundee Rep Theatre’s fundraising strategy which now forms part of our business continuity plan, has been developed to illustrate how we will plan our long term future by devising, identifying and implementing ways to secure our financial sustainability, and ensure that our legacy as a world class performing arts organisation remains at the top of our agenda.

Dundee Rep is core funded by Creative Scotland and Dundee City Council, with additional grants for its core activities and capital projects received from a host of sponsors and donors, many of which we have long standing relationships with.

Mission Statement

Our Vision is of a creative community whose work is a model of excellence, synonymous with quality across all its activities. Rooted in making work for a diverse local audience whilst strengthening its national reputation, we complement our work with a wide range of activities on a local, regional and an international scale. We are a national cultural asset which the people of Dundee and Scotland feel ownership over and in which they can take enormous pride.

Dundee Rep comprises three core elements:

  • Dundee Rep Ensemble
  • Scottish Dance Theatre
  • Rep Creative Learning 

Our overall objective is to provide an unforgettable experience across all 3 core elements of Dundee Rep Theatre.