Work Experience

I enjoyed everything. My experience was just amazing and all the staff were so kind. Overall, this is a fantastic experience for anyone who is interested in working in theatre. I could not be more pleased!

-          Pupil, 14, Harris Academy, 2012

At Dundee Rep Theatre our Work Experience programme operates on a carousel system providing each young person with the opportunity to spend a morning and afternoon in a different department of the theatre over the course of a week. This creates a diverse timetable of activities, giving a broad overview of the variety of jobs available in the theatre.

Where possible, our carousel Work Experience covers the following departments:

  • Creative Learning
  • Press and Marketing
  • Scenic Design
  • Scottish Dance Theatre
  • Sound and Lighting
  • Stage Management
  • The Ensemble (Acting and Directing)
  • Wardrobe

Our programme and all levels of the building are accessible to all students, including wheelchair users, and we invite applications from interested secondary pupils from S3 upwards.

To find out what past Work Experience pupils have done during their placements with us, have a look at our tumblr blog: