Finding Your Voice - Creative Writing Workshop

Thu 30 March

Finding Your Voice - Creative Writing Workshop

The Red Chair is based on acclaimed Scottish performer Sarah Cameron’s original book, a surreal ballad that lies somewhere between a Grimm’s Tale, an absurdist ghost story and a parent’s guide on how not to bring up children.  

At the heart of the The Red Chair is a story about someone who has no voice, and who eventually finds it. This workshop will explore the idea of finding your own creative voice. How do we make our voice heard? What makes it distinct from others? How powerful are the words that we use? Sarah will cover several different starting points linked to The Red Chair, including using stories, poetry, dialect and a playful approach to language.  

The workshop is suitable for all levels of experience, for anyone interested in language, writing and finding their own unique way to express their ideas and experiences. 

Duration: 90 min

Max 15 people


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