Contact Information

To speak to a member of staff call:

Box Office: 01382 223530

Administration: 01382 227684


Dundee Rep Restaurant: 01382 206699

Creative Learning : 01382 342660

Box Office Opening Hours:  
Monday 9.30am-6pm
Tuesday 9.30am-6pm
Wednesday 9.30am-6pm
Thursday 9.30am-6pm
Friday 9.30am-6pm
Saturday 9.30am-6pm
Sunday Closed

Tay Square

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Artistic Administration
Andrew Panton Artistic Director Co-Chief Executive

Viktoria Begg Programme and Administration Manager
Joanne Clark Administration and Finance Assistant
Tara Quinn Head Of Development
Robyn Donoghue  Development Officer

Box Office
Andrew Manzi Visitor Services Manager

Carol Watson Visitor Services Duty Manager

Amelia Newton Box Office Assistant

Marissa Dempsey Box Office Assistant

Creative Learning
Gemma Nicol Head of Creative Learning: Education & Participation

Amanda Lowson Community & Wellbeing Facilitator

Karen Robertson Administrator - Youth Theatre & Participate

Heather Cassidy Education, Skills & Training Facilitator

Lisa Williamson Creative Learning Facilitator

Anastasia Anapolytanou Dramatherapist (Adult Service)
Kyle Blears Dramatherapist (Children and Young Person Service)

Jock Dinsdale Chief Electrician

Bar & Brasserie
Eve Moore

Restaurant and Events Manager

Sandy Cooney Head Chef

Amanda Montgomery Restaurant and Bar Supervisor

Heather Mackintosh

Director of Finance & HR

Pamela Reid Finance Assistant

Marketing & Communications
Caishlan Sweeney

Head of Marketing

Gemma Henry Marketing Associate

Sean Millar Marketing Associate

Seher Sultan Marketing Associate

Graeme Cairns Marketing Officer

Operations & Services
Sarah Loveday Head of Operations

Jaci Stewart Facilities Manager

Garry Brown Maintenance Operative

Ian Dow Head of Production (Stage)

Jamie Ford Sound Technician

Nate Lamb Deputy LX
Leila Kalbassi Design Assistant

Scottish Dance Theatre
Fleur Darkin Artistic Director Co-Chief Executive
Amanda Barnett General Manager

Jan Winter Executive Producer
Dawn Hartley Head of Creative Learning

Emma Jones Head of Production

Naomi Murray Rehearsal Director

Aiyana D'Arcangelo Tour and Projects Manager

Adam McCall Company Technician

David Lowson Stage and Tour Manager

Stage management / Props
Lesley Neilson Company Stage Manager

Debbie Campbell Assistant Stage Manager

Cate Mackie Head of Wardrobe

Rachel Johnson Wardrobe Assistant

Neil Simpson Workshop Carpenter